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Romeo aka Troy

Meet Romeo, also known as Troy! This sweet 10-year-old Maltese mix is as cute as they come and absolutely adorable. He's a food puzzle enthusiast who loves a good mental challenge. Romeo is looking for an experienced owner who understands the importance of patience and going slowly to gain his trust and allow handling. Once you earn Romeo's trust, you'll be rewarded with endless belly rub sessions, and he may even fall asleep in your arms. He enjoys leisurely walks and still has a lot of pep in his step. He is housebroken when kept on a schedule. Romeo wants nothing more then to be your constant companion, whether it's helping out in the kitchen as your sous chef or cuddling up for a movie night. Romeo is a velcro pup who thrives on being with you and being involved in whatever you're doing. He sleeps soundly through the night in his own bed but prefers not to be crated or contained, as it stresses him out and leads to excessive barking unless you're nearby. While he's working on his separation anxiety, Romeo is not suited for apartment living due to his tendency to bark when left alone. Romeos ideal home would be an adult only or with teenage children. If you're ready to open your heart and home to this loyal companion, Romeo/Troy could be the perfect match for you! Click here for Application

Foster A Dog

Thinking of adopting but not sure you're ready for the commitment? Want to save a life and be rewarded in Wagging Tails and kisses? Try fostering, a fun and immensely rewarding experience you will never forget!

The average foster lasts just a few weeks. We provide the basics, veterinary care and guidance. You provide love, training, and a home. The care and attention of foster families allow us to expertly match our pets with prospective homes.
***You must live in the lower Westchester, NY area***

If you are interested in fostering, please complete our adoption application, some of which may not apply to fostering, however we use the same application for both. You must live within the lower Westchester area. Click here for Application

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Introducing Lorax, the 12 lb schnauzer terrier mix with a fascinating story. Though her paperwork suggests she's 7, her foster believes Lorax is more likely around 4 years old by the way he acts. Lorax is doing amazing with his house training, loves getting cozy at bedtime after a big meal. She lives in harmony with her foster cat. Lorax would thrive in a home with kids over 15 as preferably the only dog (but can co-exist with sibling). She loves her leash walk but at times she may bark at new people and other dogs. Her forever home should be a home with a fenced in yard, no apartments. Lax is looking for an experienced dog owner. That will continue with her training. No first time dog owners, please. Lorax's inquisitive and intelligent nature makes her a perfect companion, and take a look at that beautiful mustache! Click here for Application


Meet Hailey, the petite 6lb 10-month-old tortoiseshell kitty is ready to steal your heart! This pint-sized sweetheart is a bundle of love, adoring everything and everyone she meets. From people to cats and dogs of all sizes. Hailey is incredibly friendly and sociable. Her affectionate nature knows no bounds, and she'll happily curl up in your lap for snuggles and purrs. She would love the company of another cat or dog but is also happy to just be with her person. If you're looking for a furry companion who will bring endless joy and warmth into your home, Hailey is the perfect match for you! Adopt her today and experience the love and companionship she has to offer. Click here for Application

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Rocky, the long haired CHI /Papillon (mix?), is ready to find his forever home! 🐾 He's a pro at using pee pads and will also go outside, making potty training a breeze. Rocky is super smart and loves to learn. His foster mom thinks he would make a GREAT agility dog. He sleeps through the night in whatever cozy spot he chooses. While Rocky needs time to build trust, he's a brave and outgoing pup who will bring so much joy to the right home. Just remember, he's not a fan of being woken up, so let him snooze peacefully. 😴🐢 He gets along with people of all ages, we suggest a home with kids over 15 years of age with dog experience. No first time dog owners for this guy. If you're looking for a fun and friendly companion, Rocky is your guy! πŸΆπŸ’• A loving and active household that understands Rocky's needs would be the perfect fit for him! 🏑🐾 Click here for Application


Introducing Bette, the adorable 3-year-old bulldog with a heart of gold and a few quirks to match! Bette may have a tough exterior, but underneath, she's a cuddly companion looking for her forever home. Bette is housebroken and crate trained, making her a breeze to care for indoors. She loves nothing more than snuggling up in bed with her people, but she's also content sleeping in her crate if needed. Her affection knows no bounds, but be warned: Bette doesn't appreciate being startled awake from her beauty sleep! This water-loving pooch has a blast splashing around in baths, dog pools, and even hoses. She's also a fan of car rides and soaking up the sun outdoors. This almost perfect pooch loves the 4 seasons and will romp around in the snow as well. While Bette may be a bit of a handful on leash walks, her boundless charm more than makes up for it. She's motivated by treats and knows commands like sit, paw, and down, proving that she's a smart cookie with a playful spirit. Bette's ideal home is with someone who has breed experience handling strong-willed dogs like her. She thrives with consistency and boundaries. Bette prefers to be the only dog in the household and would do best in an adult-only home or one with older children (over 15 years of age) who can understand her needs. If you're ready to welcome a lovable bulldog into your life and provide her with the structure and love she deserves, then Bette might just be the perfect fit for you! Click here for Application

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